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Dark Matter Super Lithium Battery

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*Please note that this is a pre-order and the battery will not ship until around June 1. Unlike other pre-orders, you will pay now to reserve one of these batteries. They will be extremely limited.

If you fish with an electric reel then a Dark Matter Super Lithium Battery is what you've been waiting for! Instead of using a heavy car battery, or a jumper box now you can use a battery pack that's designed specifically for fishing and that weighs less than 3 lbs! The Dark Matter 14000MAH battery pack is lightweight, portable and has no ports to keep saltwater on the outside. It is super easy to use and you can run two electric fishing reels off of it at the same time. At the top there are two bars. One positive and one negative. You connect your alligator clamps to the correct bars and you are good to go. You charge the same way. Use the included alligator clamps that connect to the charging station and clip them to the correct bars. Then plug in your charger. There is an indicator on the front to let you know how much juice is left in your Dark Matter Super Lithium Battery. 

The main question is how long will it last on a single charge? That really depends on how much amperage you use throughout the day but we are confident you will get at least a full day of fishing on a single charge. We could have gone with a smaller battery for convenience but we opted for more charge. 

The Dark Matter Super Lithium Battery comes in a red case and features a shoulder strap. We recommend placing the battery in a bucket on the deck of the boat to minimize the exposure to saltwater. This is a must buy for electric reel anglers! Dark Matter Super Lithium Batteries work with Daiwa electric fishing reels and Shimano electric fishing reels. All Tanacom, Force master and Beast master reels are compatible.

Models: DM-SLB


Color - Black/Red