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Decoy R-11 Split Ring EX

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Decoy R-11 Split Ring EX are amazing! These small split rings are incredibly powerful and can handle bigger fish in their class than split ring from their competitors. They are constructed of stainless steel and can be fished in freshwater and saltwater situations. They will recoil after being opened and will retain their shape for a very long time. The EX in Decoy R-11 Split Ring EX stands for extra strong. You can't go wrong with Decoy terminal tackle and these split rings are best in class. Buy a pack and switch out your other rings.

Decoy R-11 Split Ring EX are available in sizes 1+-5+. They range from 30-100 lbs. Made in Japan.

Models: 828113, 828120, 828144, 828151


Size - 5+

Lb Test - 100 lb

Pieces - 16