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Dexter-Russell DEXTREME 6" Flexible Fillet Knife

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Precision Craftsmanship for Anglers

Elevate your filleting experience with the "DEXTREME 6" Flexible Fillet Knife – a cutting-edge tool designed exclusively for passionate anglers. This razor-sharp knife redefines precision, flexibility, and durability, ensuring every cut is a masterpiece.

Unrivaled Ergonomics for Ultimate Control

DEXGRIP: The Comfortable Command Center

Say goodbye to slippery handles and hello to the innovative DEXGRIP. This comfortable, soft, and non-slip handle is a game-changer, engineered to accommodate any hand and finger position. Experience unmatched control and precision as you effortlessly glide through filleting tasks.

Unmatched Blade Excellence

DEXSTEEL: Forged for Sharpness

The soul of the "DEXTREME 6" lies in its blade. Crafted with precision from DEXSTEEL – a proprietary high-carbon, high-alloy American stainless steel – this knife ensures a sharp, long-lasting edge. Cut through fish like never before and revel in the joy of a consistently sharp blade.

Tailored for Detail, Built to Last

The 6-inch size of the "DEXTREME 6" makes it your go-to choice for detail work and smaller fish. Ideal for filleting bluegill, perch, crappie, and more, its straight top edge offers the precision needed for intricate tasks. Need a larger size? Explore the Dextreme series in 7”+ for dual-edge perfection.

Unrivaled Flexibility: Meet DEXFLEX

DEXFLEX: Glide through Bones with Ease

The DEXFLEX technology ensures "DEXTREME 6" adapts to your every move. With just the right flexibility, the blade effortlessly glides over bones, enabling easy separation during skinning. Embrace a filleting experience that is not just efficient but also a pleasure.

Your Dexter Outdoors Experience Starts Here

At J&H Tackle, we bring you the best in fishing gear, including the finest from Dexter Outdoors. Explore our complete catalog, featuring a range of accessories and tools tailored for avid anglers, ensuring every fishing expedition is a success.

Dive into the world of precision filleting with the "DEXTREME 6" Flexible Fillet Knife

Elevate your filleting game and make every cut count!


Color - Orange

Total Length - 12 1/2"

Blade Material - DEXSTEEL stainless steel

Blade Length - 6"

Handle Length - 6 1/4"