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Dexter-Russell DEXTREME Dual Edge 8" Flexible Fillet Knife

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Cutting-Edge Innovation for Anglers

Introducing the DEXTREME Dual Edge 8" Flexible Fillet Knife from Dexter Outdoors – a game-changer meticulously designed for anglers who demand perfection in every cut. Immerse yourself in the all-new Dextreme series, a fusion of cutting-edge technology and ergonomic brilliance.

2-in-1 Blade Mastery

Unveiling a revolutionary 2-in-1 blade crafted for efficiency without compromise. The upper Tiger edge lets you power through scales and tougher surfaces, preserving the sharpness of the fillet blade. No more switching knives mid-fillet; the DEXTREME Dual Edge ensures a seamless, efficient experience. Say goodbye to the hassle, and embrace the versatility.

DEXGRIP™ Ambidextrous Comfort

Flip the DEXGRIP™ ambidextrous handle effortlessly and transition to the lower blade for precision work. Engineered for comfort, this non-slip handle accommodates any hand and finger position, granting you unparalleled control over your cuts. It's not just a knife; it's an extension of your angling prowess.

Tailored Flexibility for Every Catch

The DEXTREME Dual Edge is your go-to companion for filleting halibut, tautaug, grouper, blackfin tuna, seatrout, and more. The just-right flexibility of the DEXFLEX technology ensures the blade glides over bones and effortlessly separates skin, providing an unmatched filleting experience.

Crafted from DEXSTEEL: Unrivaled Sharpness, Unmatched Durability

The secret behind the DEXTREME Dual Edge's exceptional performance lies in DEXSTEEL, a proprietary high-carbon, high-alloy American stainless steel. This ensures a razor-sharp, long-lasting edge that stands up to the toughest filleting challenges. Elevate your filleting game with the pinnacle of blade technology.

DEXGRIP: Precision in Your Palms

Experience the comfort of the DEXGRIP handle, designed for extended use without sacrificing control. The soft, non-slip surface adapts to any hand and finger positioning, allowing you to focus on your craft without distractions. Precision filleting has never felt this natural.

DEXFLEX: Perfect Flexibility, Every Time

The DEXFLEX technology ensures just the right amount of flexibility in the blade. Glide effortlessly over bones, achieve surgical precision in your cuts, and enjoy the easy separation while skinning. The DEXTREME Dual Edge adapts to your every move, making every fillet a masterpiece.

Elevate Your Filleting Experience

Discover the epitome of filleting excellence with the DEXTREME Dual Edge 8" Flexible Fillet Knife. Whether you're a seasoned angler or a passionate amateur, this 2-in-1 knife is all you need for sharp, flexible, and durable filleting. Elevate your fishing game with Dexter Outdoors, available at J&H Tackle.

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Your filleting journey starts here – embrace precision with DEXTREME.


Total Length - 12 1/2"

Blade Material - DEXSTEEL stainless steel

Blade Length - 6"

Handle Length - 6"