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Dexter-Russell DEXTREME Dual Edge 10" Stiff Fillet Knife

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Unleash Precision with the DEXTREME Dual Edge 10" Stiff Fillet Knife

Cutting-Edge Innovation for Anglers

Dexter Outdoors, a name synonymous with precision and quality, presents the revolutionary DEXTREME Dual Edge 10" Stiff Fillet Knife. Crafted with anglers in mind, this knife embodies a fusion of cutting-edge technology and ergonomic design, ensuring you make the perfect cut every time.

Versatility Redefined

The Dextreme series introduces a game-changing 2-in-1 blade system that's nothing short of angler's delight. Picture this: scaling and filleting with just one knife! The upper Tiger edge conquers scales and tougher surfaces without compromising the fillet blade's sharpness. Flip the DEXGRIP™ ambidextrous handle, and the lower blade takes center stage for precision work. Efficiency meets versatility in the palm of your hand.

DEXGRIP™ Handle: Your Gateway to Control

Say goodbye to compromises in control. The DEXTREME's DEXGRIP™ handle is a marvel of ergonomic engineering, providing a comfortable, non-slip grip that accommodates any hand and finger position. Whether you're navigating through challenging scales or delicately maneuvering for precision cuts, this handle ensures unparalleled control throughout.

Unraveling the Dual Blade Symphony

The large blade of the DEXTREME Dual Edge 10" Stiff Fillet Knife is tailor-made for filleting cobia, salmon, swordfish, and more. Its sharpness, flexibility, and durability make it the only knife you need in your angler's toolkit. The DEXFLEX technology ensures the blade glides over bones with finesse, enabling easy separation while skinning.

DEXSTEEL: The Blade That Lasts

Behind every great cut is a great blade. DEXSTEEL, a proprietary high-carbon high-alloy American stainless steel, ensures a sharp and long-lasting edge. With the DEXTREME series, expect nothing less than precision in every slice.

Elevate Your Filleting Experience

The DEXTREME Dual Edge 10" Stiff Fillet Knife is not just a tool; it's a testament to Dexter Outdoors' commitment to innovation and excellence. Whether you're a seasoned angler or just starting your journey, this knife is your key to unlocking a new level of filleting perfection.

Ready to redefine your filleting experience? Explore the Dextreme series at J&H Tackle and discover the art of precision in every cut. For more angler insights, tips, and updates, check out our blog.

Elevate your filleting game—try the DEXTREME Dual Edge 10" Stiff Fillet Knife today!


Total Length - 16 1/2"

Blade Material - DEXSTEEL stainless steel

Blade Length - 10"

Handle Length - 6 1/4"