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Dexter-Russell DEXTREME Dual Edge 7" Flexible Fillet Knife

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A Blade Beyond Boundaries

Introducing the DEXTREME Dual Edge 7" Flexible Fillet Knife—an angler's dream crafted for those who demand precision and versatility on the waters. Dive into the unparalleled features of this cutting-edge tool designed for fishers who settle for nothing less.

2-in-1 Mastery

Unveil the power of the dual-edge design, a marvel in the world of fillet knives. The upper Tiger edge is your weapon for conquering scales and tougher surfaces, all without compromising the sharpness of the dedicated fillet blade. Say goodbye to the need for multiple knives—this 2-in-1 wonder streamlines your fishing experience.

DEXGRIP™ Ambidextrous Handle

The ergonomic DEXGRIP™ handle is a game-changer, providing a comfortable, non-slip grip that accommodates any hand and finger position. Whether you're a righty or a lefty, the ambidextrous design ensures that control and precision are always at your fingertips. Flip the handle with ease, transitioning between the upper and lower blades for seamless cuts.

Precision Tailoring for Every Fish

The 7" blade length is tailor-made for a variety of fish, from snapper to cod, haddock to blackfin tuna, and beyond. Experience the sharpness, flexibility, and durability that make this knife your go-to choice for filleting success.

DEXSTEEL: Sharpness that Lasts

Embrace the power of DEXSTEEL—a proprietary high-carbon high-alloy American stainless steel. This ensures not only a sharp edge but a lasting one, ready to tackle each fillet with the same precision as the first.

DEXGRIP: Control at Your Fingertips

The DEXGRIP handle goes beyond comfort; it's a tool for control. Its soft, non-slip texture and accommodating design empower you to take charge of every cut. Find the perfect hand and finger position for greater control and precision in every movement.

DEXFLEX: Navigate Bones with Ease

With DEXFLEX technology, experience "Just Right" flexibility. Glide over bones effortlessly, enabling seamless separation while skinning. The blade adapts to your needs, making each fillet an artistry of precision.

Elevate Your Filleting Game

Are you ready to transform your filleting experience? The DEXTREME Dual Edge 7" Flexible Fillet Knife is more than a tool—it's a companion on your fishing journey. Discover the art of filleting with a knife that adapts to your every move.

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Total Length - 13 3/4"

Blade Material - DEXSTEEL stainless steel

Blade Length - 7"

Handle Length - 6 1/4"