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Dexter-Russell DEXTREME Tiger Edge 10" Stiff Fillet Knife

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Unleash Precision with the DEXTREME Tiger Edge 10" Stiff Fillet Knife!

Superior Performance for Anglers

Elevate your filleting game with the Dextreme DX10TE—a 10-inch tiger edge scalloped knife designed explicitly for anglers seeking ultimate precision. Cutting through scales, cartilage, and more, this blade is your ticket to immaculate fillets without a hitch.

Sharpness Redefined

Crafted to tame the toughest of catches, the razor-sharp blade effortlessly slices through cobia, tuna, swordfish, and beyond. Say goodbye to struggles—this knife guarantees clean cuts with every motion, preserving the integrity of your prized catch.

Control at Your Fingertips

The ergonomic design features a comfortable, non-slip handle adaptable to any hand size and finger position. Gain unparalleled control and maneuverability, ensuring precise cuts while maintaining utmost safety.

Your Trusty Companion

Sold with a sheath for secure storage and easy access, the DEXTREME Tiger Edge 10" Stiff Fillet Knife is more than a tool—it's a companion for every fishing expedition.

Unleash the power of precision filleting with Dexter-Russell's DEXTREME Tiger Edge 10" Stiff Fillet Knife.

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Ready to elevate your filleting experience? Get your DEXTREME Tiger Edge 10" Stiff Fillet Knife now!

This knife isn't just a tool—it's your key to mastering the art of precision filleting.


Total Length - 16 1/2"

Blade Material - DEXSTEEL stainless steel

Blade Length - 10"

Handle Length - 6 1/4"