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Diamond X-TRA Hard Wind-On Leaders

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Diamond X-TRA Hard Wind-On Leaders are your new favorite offshore leader. If you've never fished a wind-on leader before, it makes it so much easier to attach to your main line using a loop to loop connection. Diamond X-TRA Hard Wind-On Leaders are built to be very abrasion resistant. They are at their best when targeting sailfish and shark. They are constructed of a high quality rugged monofilament spliced into low stretch Dyneema (braid). An advantage of this type of leader is you can change leaders quickly and they are catch and release friendly. Next time you are targeting shark or sailfish, make sure you use a Diamond X-TRA Hard Wind-On Leader.

Diamond X-TRA Hard Wind-On Leaders are clear white. They are 25' long.


Lb Test - 220

Color - Clear White

Dia. mm - 1.45