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Grundens Grundies Base Layer Pant

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A Grundens Grundies Base Layer Pant will keep you warm when fishing in cold weather. Grundies are constructed of a Merino Wool, Polyester Hollow Core and spandex blend, making them extremely thin, but able to retain heat. They are soft, comfortable and will keep you super warm when the mercury drops. Stop wearing thick layers of sweat pants under your foul weather gear or waders! You can get better warmth with a thinner material. Grundies are the future and the future is now! The next time you are fishing in cold weather, you'll be glad you wore a Grundens Grundies Base Layer Pant under your gear! 

Grundens Grundies Base Layer Pants are available in sizes S-3XL. They are dark slate.

Models: GBPS


Style - Base Layer Dry Crewneck

Material - Merino Wool/Polyester Hollow Core/Spandex

Size - S

Pieces - 1

Color - Dark Slate

Gender - Male