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Jerry Brown Adhesive System One Instant Adhesive

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Jerry Brown Adhesive System One Instant Adhesive is thge best way to make sure that your braid-mono splices stay together under heavy loads. Several plastics such as polyethylene, polypropylene, fluorocarbon and Spectra are known as "low surface energy plastics". They are not readily bondable with ordinary adhesives. To make them bondable by adhesives, one must first modify the surface.  With this modification a specially prepared adhesive can be made which is effective in making a bond.

Energizer One comes in a glass bottle with a small brush inside, attached to the cap.  This modifies the surface of the Spectra to make it compatible with the adhesive.  It takes only seconds to be effective; it evaporates quickly. 

Bond One is a specially formulated adhesive tailored to bond to the surface-activated plastic (Spectra) formed by treatment with "Energizer One".  This, too, is extremely fast acting and is accelerated by oxygen or moisture.