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McNett Aquaseal Repair Adhesive

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McNett Aquaseal Repair Adhesive is the go-to product for repairing holes in waders! Aquaseal has been around forever and it works! Use it to seal holes in waders, bibs, gloves and almost anything else. Aquaseal dries to a clear elastic urethane rubber that forms a waterproof seal while still remaining flexible. It is unaffected by heat and cold and you can throw it in the washing machine. McNett Aquaseal Repair Adhesive is moisture-cured and takes 8-12 hours of dry time. The easy instructions are written on the package. If you've got a hole in your waders, use McNett Aquaseal Repair Adhesive to fix it!

McNett Aquaseal Repair Adhesive comes in a 3/4 oz tube. It is very easy to use and works better than anything else!

Models: 25002


Color - Clear

Size - 3/4 oz