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Sun Masks

Pelagic Sunshield Fishing Neck Gaiter

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A Pelagic Sunshield Fishing Neck Gaiter will keep you protected from the sun and wind while you are on the water. Constructed of 100% polyester, it is very comfortable. It has a softer feel to it than other sun shields. The Pelagic Sunshield Fishing Neck Gaiter provides UPF 30+ protection from the sun and has good airflow through tiny pores. The shape will allow you to cover your face, neck and ears. Here's a pro tip. On a really hot day, wear your sunshield in the early morning. When the temp starts to rise, pull it off and dip it in the water. Then put it back on. This will keep you cool until the water evaporates. Repeat as needed. Wear sunglasses, a hat and performance clothing and you are good to go!

Pelagic Sunshield Fishing Neck Gaiters are available in two cool patterns. Choose from Fish Camo Slate and Hex Light Blue. You can wear one on the boat, at the beach or around town. 

Models: 1220211000, 1220211001


Color - Fish Camo Slate

Sun Protection - UPF 50+

Wind Protection - Yes

Moisture-Wicking - Yes

Lightweight - Yes