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Penn Fierce IV Spinning Reels

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Penn continues to refresh their reels at a really fast pace! Seems like just yesterday they introduced the Fierce III. The Penn Fierce IV Spinning Reels take what Penn is good at and deliver it to the masses. Penn excels at taking an already solid product and adding more features to take it to the next level without going crazy with the price. The Fierce IV is constructed of aluminum and now has sealed stainless steel ball bearings for more corrosion resistance. Turn the handle and the Fierce IV feels smoother than the previous generation. They've even redone the handle knob by enlarging the ones on the smaller reels and putting a really comfortable ball knob on the 5000-8000 models. Penn has created an excellent series for the money. For $80-$120 it's hard to find a complete series that offers everything the Fierce IV does in that price range. They are rugged, durable and very capable of landing fish after fish. Whether you are fishing freshwater or heading offshore, Penn has got you covered. Buy a Penn Fierce IV Spinning Reel and go catch some fish! Great bang for your buck!

Penn Fierce IV Spinning Reels are available from 1000-8000 sizes. They are black with red accents. 

Models: FRCIV1000, FRCIV2000FRCIV2500FRCIV3000FRCIV4000FRCIV5000FRCIV6000FRCIV8000