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Penn Spinfisher VI Spinning Reels

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The Penn Spinfisher VI Spinning Reels improve on an already excellent reel! The Spinfisher VI is an aluminum reel that incorporates seals to keep water, salt and sand on the outside. It can handle splashes or even getting dunked. It is designed to be rugged and handle everything you throw at it. The Spinfisher VI features six ball bearings, Penn's CNC gearing system an aluminum power handle. It is perfect for fishing from a boat or the beach! This year Penn has added a second bailless size in the new 4500. Now surfcasters have more options if they want to fish bailless from the beach! Penn also added a smaller 2500 size so freshwater and inshore guys can fish a Spinfisher in new situations. If you are a Penn fan and want a reel with a lot of drag power that is extremely corrosion resistant at a fair price, then add a Penn Spinfisher VI Spinning Reel to your arsenal!

Penn Spinfisher VI Spinning Reels are available in nine different sizes. Choose from regular and bailless models in the 4500 and 6500 sizes.

Models: SSVI2500, SSVI3500, SSVI4500, SSVI4500BLS, SSVI5500, SSVI6500, SSVI6500BLS, SSVI7500, SSVI8500, SSVI9500, SSVI10500