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Penn Spinfisher VI Spinning Reels

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  • Thank you PENN!

    By steven foceri on 11/13/2018

    This reel has been great so far. 5 of 5 stars but I am anxious to see how it holds up after at least 3 full seasons. I have been waiting for a bailess reel in this size that is affordable. They day it came in stock, I sold my VSX 150 for $500 and bought this reel, as well as a 9ft lamiglass, 7 bucktails, leader material and some clips and had cash to spare as I headed out to the beach. I have fished this reel 17 days in the three weeks that I have owned it. Fishing the outer beach on the sandeel run with smaller bass averaging less than 20" and 2 fish to 30" is by no means a proving ground but so far it has handled great and I am very pleased. It's taken splashes from the surf, but I am careful not to dunk it in the water or use my rod as a wading staff when I cross the sand bar. The drag is smooth as far as I can tell, I have it spooled with 20lb straight braid, no backing as I wanted to see how the reel would really handle. So far, no wind knots; and though the drag has not really been tested by the smaller fish my largest fish have pulled a little line off the reel and the drag was smooth even with all the braid and no backing. Not sure how it will handle a choppy run from a bass over 25lbs, so I will just have to wait until that happens. There are three things I want to see happen with PENN reels hopefully in the next few years. 1) I want to see bailess models in the Slammer III from 4500 - 6500. I also want to see a Spinfisher VI 5500 in a bailess model too. I love the slammer, but I just hate fishing a bailed reel as I have had bails brake when fishing bolder fields (mostly by being swept off a rock and having the reel hit the boulder). 2) I would like to see this reel rated at IPX 6 (it's IPX 5 which means it's a little more waterproof than my cellphone) and since the Slammer III is IPX 6 rated, I feel that bailess models from 4500-6500 would be a great addition to that line up as well. 3) I want this all to happen by 2020 and I hope PENN is listening to everyone who purchased their 704 and 706 since the days when they were green and remembers when surf fishing was a real demographic for them. Hopefully they will hear us... As of now, this reel is great and I cannot wait to fish it harder. If it lasts more than 3 season with no issues I will surely by more. I still have my VSX 200 but if a Slammer III comes out in a bailess model I will replace it IF this reel holds up. Hopefully this review gets to PENN and more bailess reels in a higher IPX rating come out. Thank you PENN, please hear us surf fisherman and make our (or at least mine) dreams come true.

The Penn Spinfisher VI Spinning Reels improve on an already excellent reel! The Spinfisher VI is an aluminum reel that incorporates seals to keep water, salt and sand on the outside. It can handle splashes or even getting dunked. It is designed to be rugged and handle everything you throw at it. The Spinfisher VI features six ball bearings, Penn's CNC gearing system an aluminum power handle. It is perfect for fishing from a boat or the beach! This year Penn has added a second bailless size in the new 4500. Now surfcasters have more options if they want to fish bailless from the beach! Penn also added a smaller 2500 size so freshwater and inshore guys can fish a Spinfisher in new situations. If you are a Penn fan and want a reel with a lot of drag power that is extremely corrosion resistant at a fair price, then add a Penn Spinfisher VI Spinning Reel to your arsenal!

Penn Spinfisher VI Spinning Reels are available in nine different sizes. Choose from regular and bailless models in the 4500 and 6500 sizes.

Models: SSVI2500, SSVI3500, SSVI4500, SSVI4500BLS, SSVI5500, SSVI6500, SSVI6500BLS, SSVI7500, SSVI8500, SSVI9500, SSVI10500


Body Material - Aluminum

Max Drag (lbs) - 30.0

Line Capacity Braid (yds/lb) - 485/30 • 410/40 • 335/50

Weight (oz) - 22.3

Bearings - 6

Gear Ratio - 5.6:1

Retrieve - Right and left

Line Capacity Mono (yds/lb) - 390/12 • 345/15 • 205/20

Line Retrieve Per Crank (in) - 42.0

Spool Material - Aluminum

Handle Shape - Power handle

Color - Black/Gold