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Baitcasting Reels

Shimano Metanium DC 70 A Low Profile Baitcasting Reels

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Prepare to redefine your casting game with the Shimano Metanium 70 A DC Low Profile Baitcasting Reels – the pinnacle of casting precision and fishing performance. Engineered with cutting-edge Digital Control (DC) technology and built to the highest standards of quality, this reel represents the epitome of Shimano's innovation and commitment to excellence. The magnesium body cuts weight to make this incredibly light in your hand. Shimano has upgraded the braking system to I-DC5 for even more refinement.

Digital Control (DC) Technology:

Experience casting like never before with the Shimano Metanium DC, featuring state-of-the-art Digital Control (DC) technology. By automatically adjusting spool speed and brake force in real time, the DC system eliminates backlash and overruns, allowing anglers to make consistently accurate casts with minimal effort and maximum efficiency.

Precision Engineering:

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and precision engineering, the Metanium DC delivers unrivaled performance on every cast. From the ultra-smooth MicroModule gearing to the rigid Hagane body construction, every component is designed to maximize efficiency, reliability, and durability, ensuring that anglers can fish with confidence in any situation.

Effortless Casting:

Experience effortless casting with the Shimano Metanium DC, allowing you to cover more water and reach distant targets with ease. Whether you're finesse fishing with lightweight lures or power fishing with heavy baits, this reel provides unparalleled casting performance that will elevate your angling game to new heights.

Versatile Application:

From freshwater bass to inshore saltwater species, the Shimano Metanium DC excels in a wide range of fishing scenarios and techniques. Whether you're pitching jigs to structure, casting crankbaits along weed edges, or flipping heavy cover, this reel offers the versatility and adaptability to meet the demands of any angling situation.

Trusted by Anglers:

Shimano is renowned for its commitment to excellence and innovation in the fishing industry, and the Metanium DC is a shining example of this legacy. Trusted by anglers worldwide, this reel has earned a reputation for unmatched performance, reliability, and durability, making it the preferred choice of professional anglers and avid enthusiasts alike.

Elevate your fishing experience with the Shimano Metanium 70 A DC Low Profile Baitcasting Reels – where precision is redefined, and performance is unmatched. Experience the thrill of casting with pinpoint accuracy, battling trophy fish with confidence, and landing your dream catch with ease. Whether you're a tournament angler or a weekend warrior, the Metanium DC ensures that you're always equipped to dominate the water. Gear up with Shimano and revolutionize your casting game today!



Body Material - Core Solid Magnesium

Max Drag (lbs) - 11.0

Line Capacity Braid (yds/lb) - 115/20 •105/30 • 80/40

Weight (oz) - 6.3

Bearings - 10

Gear Ratio - 8.1:1

Retrieve - Right

Line Capacity Mono (yds/lb) - 105/10 • 85/12 • 70/14

Line Retrieve Per Crank (in) - 34"

Spool Material - Aluminum

Handle Shape - Double paddle handle

Color - Silver