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Boat Spinning Rods

Shimano Ocea Plugger Big Game Spinning Rods

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Unleash the Power of Shimano's Ocea Plugger Big Game Spinning Rods

Powered by Shimano's Most Advanced Technologies

When it comes to tackling giant tuna, the Ocea Plugger Big Game series stands as the ultimate choice for anglers. These rods are the result of Shimano's relentless pursuit of innovation and excellence in the world of fishing.

Cutting-Edge Technologies

Spiral X Core and Toray Nanoalloy®

At the core of the Ocea Plugger Big Game series lies Shimano's proprietary Spiral X Core technology, complemented by Toray Nanoalloy®. This combination takes Shimano's traditional Spiral X carbon tape construction to new heights. What does this mean for anglers? Up to 10% more torsional rigidity and up to 15% more compressional rigidity compared to rods built with standard Spiral X technology.

Hi-Power X Technology

Incorporating Shimano's Hi-Power X technology, the Ocea Plugger BG achieves enhanced rigidity, improved recovery, and overall strength. But that's not all—these advancements also result in a reduced rod weight. The outcome? Extended casting distances with pinpoint accuracy, all while maintaining the fish-fighting power necessary to reel in giant tuna.

Exceptional Features

Fuji Titanium SiC Guide Train

The Ocea Plugger BG doesn't compromise on quality. It features a Fuji Titanium SiC guide train, ensuring superior casting performance and durability. These guides are designed to handle the rigors of battling monster fish, making your fishing experience as smooth as possible.

Ergonomic Laser-Engraved EVA Grips

Long and grueling battles with giant tuna are no longer a challenge with the Ocea Plugger BG. Thanks to ergonomic, laser-engraved EVA grips, your hands will find comfortable and secure placement. Say goodbye to fatigue and hello to extended fishing adventures.

Cast Further, Battle Tougher, Land Trophies

Shimano's Ocea Plugger Big Game series offers the tools you need to cast further, battle tougher, and land trophy-class fish. Powered by Shimano's most advanced rod technologies, these rods are the embodiment of excellence. Whether you're casting stickbaits or poppers, the Ocea Plugger Big Game series empowers anglers to reach new heights in their fishing pursuits.

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Color - Gray

Length - 7'3"

Power - Extra extra Heavy

Action - Fast

Pieces - 2

Line Rating Braid (lbs) - 80-100

Lure Weight (oz) - MAX 250g

Rod Weight (oz) - 1

Technique - Popping

Guide Type - Fuji Titanium SiC

Reel Seat Manufacturer - Fuji

Number of Guides - 5 + tip

Foregrip Material - EVA

Foregrip Length (in) - 8.9"

Reel Seat Type - Fuji reel seat

Reargrip Length (in) - 17.8

Reargrip Material - EVA