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Baitcasting Reels

Shimano SLX MGL 70 Baitcasting Reels

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Wow! I mean really. Took the Shimano SLX MGL 70 Baitcasting Reel out of the box, turned the handle and was blown away. This feels like a much more expensive fishing reel. The SLX MGL is a 70 size reel and features Shimano's MGL Spool, which cuts down on weight and gives you distance when casting light lures. Combine this with Shimano's SVS Infinity Braking system and you'll be able to make long, accurate casts with lightweight finesse style lures as well as heavier ones. If you fish frogs around cover, it's a perfect reel. It's lightweight powerful and the Cross Carbon drag system will stop big bass in their tracks and allow you to turn them so they don't get into the trees and cut your line. The frame is aluminum and the gearing is buttery smooth. The ergonomic handle features two rubberized knobs that are incredibly comfortable. I really can't say enough about this reel. It looks great and is going to perform at a high level for many reels. Buy a Shimano SLX MGL 70 Baitcasting Reel and go catch some fish!

Shimano SLX MGL 70 Baitcasting Reels are black with blue accents. They are available in three gear ratios in right handed and two gear ratios in left handed. Shimano quality through and through.