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Boat Spinning Rods

Shimano Tallus Blue Water Spinning Rods

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Shimano Tallus Blue Water Spinning Rods are based off of the very popular Shimano Terez series of spinning rods. If you are looking for the action and feel of a Terez but want a rod that won't cost as much, then a Shimano Tallus Blue Water Spinning Rod is a good choice. These saltwater boat spinning rods feature the same TC4 blanks as the Terez and Trevala series, which are extremely lightweight but produce an awesome amount of power. The Tallus Spinning was specifically designed to be fished with braided line so fill up your Saragosa or Spheros and start targeting the larger saltwater species of fish. The Shimano Tallus was designed to bring those big guys to the boat, and it doesn't disappoint. 

Shimano Tallus Blue Water Spinning Rods are available in several different lengths and actions. Shimano makes a Tallus that will meet any saltwater fishing application. Rod blanks are blue in color.