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Spinning Reels

Shimano 2024 Twin Power FE Spinning Reels

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Shimano's CoreSolid series, with the TWINPOWER FE as its latest innovation, represents a pinnacle in spinning reel design, blending exceptional power and performance. This series embodies Shimano's commitment to offering anglers reels that are not only robust and durable but also enhance the fishing experience.

The TWINPOWER FE introduces a groundbreaking dual-material body, combining sturdy aluminum with Shimano's exclusive CI4+ carbon fiber-reinforced technology. This innovative construction ensures a rigid, flex-free body, crucial for battling larger fish. The reel is equipped with top-tier Shimano technologies such as Infinity Drive and InfinityXcross, ensuring efficient winding under heavy loads and enhancing gear durability.

The addition of InfinityLoop technology optimizes casting performance by reducing line friction. Shimano's DuraCross drag technology further enhances the reel, offering unparalleled smoothness and consistent drag pressure.

Designed for various fishing techniques, the TWINPOWER FE stands out for its robustness and advanced features, making it a prime choice for anglers seeking a reel that can handle power finesse situations with ease.


 Shimano 2024 Twin Power FE Spinning Reels are available in 2500-5000 sizes.  All models are silver.  Made in Japan.

Models: TP2500FE, TPC3000XGFETP4000XGFETPC5000XGFE


Body Material - Core Solid Aluminum/CI4+

Max Drag (lbs) - 20

Line Capacity Braid (yds/lb) - 10/200, 20/140, 40/105

Weight (oz) - 7.6

Bearings - 9/1

Gear Ratio - 6.4:1

Retrieve - Right and Left

Line Capacity Mono (yds/lb) - 6/230, 8/170, 10/140

Line Retrieve Per Crank (in) - 37"

Spool Material - Aluminum

Handle Shape - T-Shaped

Color - Silver