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Stormr Swell Neoprene Hoodie

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  • Stormr Hoody

    By Michael Draper on 10/26/2013

    Excellent product. Went out this AM. Chilly morning and calm, then the weather changed. Wind picked up, swells and chilly spray. Stayed dry and warm. My buddies decided to go into the cabin between drops. I sat there by myself enjoying the solitude thanks to this product. Easy to layer underneath (went with base layer, fleece, hoody) and super maneuverable. Only adjustment I'd make for the next gen. is neoprene cuffs. Other than that, a truly special piece of equipment. Can't wait to try it deep into winter.

The Stormr Swell Neoprene Hoodie is a sweatshirt/jacket hybrid that is waterproof and windproof. The Swell has the shape of a full zip, oversized hoodie so it works great over layers. The Swell has a 2mm Skin rubber exterior and a soft micro-fleece lining that will keep you warm in cold weather. The oversized hood is also micro-fleece lined and will keep your head warm while keeping the elements out. The jacket holds no water so it will not get heavy when it is raining. The Stormr Swell is perfect for when you are fishing on the boat or on the beach. It is even great for when you are exercising outside. If you are thinking about buying a hoodie but want something that is more versatile than your typical sweatshirt, get yourself a Stormr Swell Neoprene Hoodie. They are awesome!

Stormr Swell Neoprene Hoodies are available in several sizes. They are smoke/black.

Models: R515MF


Color - Smoke/Black

Size - M

Gender - Male