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Texas Tackle Split Ring Pliers

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I was speaking with Tackle Advisors and he mentioned this terrific pair of split ring pliers called Texas Tackle Split Ring Pliers. He said he liked "the orange ones." I asked him why and he told me that they just work great all the time. They quickly find the center of the split ring, they don't distort the ring and they work every time. Later that day I placed my first order for them and a few days later they arrived. He wasn't wrong. The Texas Tackle Split Ring Pliers get the job done. Sometimes it's easy to overlook a tool like this because there are so many split ring pliers. Usually it's best to get the best tool for the job and Tackle Advisors was right, this is it. If you use lures or jigs with split rings, add a pair of Texas Tackle Split Ring Pliers to your tackle box.

Texas Tackle Split Ring Pliers are 5" in length and feature orange rubberized grips. They feature a patented hardened polished wedge design that makes changing split rings a breeze!

Models: SR-5


Color - Orange

Length - 5

Weight (oz) - 3.0

Body Material - Stainless Steel

Cutters - No

Sheath - No

Lanyard - No