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Toit Haywire Twist Tool

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The Toit Haywire Twist Tool is another solid innovation from the UK. These stainless steel pliers make tying a Haywire Twist a breeze! One jaw features three different sized cylinders so you can size your Haywire Twist. The other jaw is concave to help form the perfect loop. They are super easy to use and will reduce any hesitancy of making the perfect Haywire Twist. If you work with single strand wire making shark rigs or other rigs, this is the tool to have. It has an internal spring and the handles are ergonomic. They have holes in them for grip and if you want to attach a lanyard or to safely hold a hook while pulling your rigs tight. If you tie Haywire Twists, you have to buy a Toit Haywire Twist Tool. It will make this task so much easier!

Toit Haywire Twist Tool are 6.25" in length and a beautiful blue color. Designed in the UK.

Models: HTT


Color - Blue

Length - 6.25

Weight (oz) - 5.0

Body Material - Stainless Steel

Cutters - No

Sheath - No

Lanyard - No