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Toit Split Ring Pliers

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You're going to be impressed with Toit Split Ring Pliers. You've probably seen a thousand split ring pliers and they are mostly the same design. They work just fine but you wish they worked better. Toit Split Ring Pliers feature a conical tip on one of the jaws that allows you to have different size gapes when opening a split ring. No more struggling with a split ring that just won't open enough. This design also gives you excellent grip on the split ring so it won't shift while you are putting it on a lure or adding a hook. Toit Split Ring Pliers are constructed of stainless steel and are internally spring loaded. The handle is ergonomic so it's comfortable and will give you good grip. If you change out hooks and split rings a lot, this is the tool to use. You're going to be surprised by how well it gets the job done!

Toit Split Ring Pliers are available in three different sizes to give you optimal performance based on the split ring size you are using. They are 6.25" in length and a beautiful blue color.



Color - Blue

Length - 6.25

Weight (oz) - 5.0

Body Material - Stainless Steel

Cutters - No

Sheath - No

Lanyard - No