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Toit Tether Lanyard

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The Toit Tether Lanyard is another great lanyard option. Seems like a really great lanyard is hard to find these days. There are very few manufacturers making them. Sure there are a lot of low end lanyards but that's not what you want. You want quality becasue while it's simple, a good lanyard will not only secure your pliers or whatever tool you are connecting it to but also give you a better experience on the water. The Toit Tether Lanyard is constructed of a stainless steel core and then coated in blue TPU for protection. Instead of carabiners, this lanyard uses stainless steel Quicklinks. Quicklinks are less affected by sand and grit so they are idea for this application. The Toit Tether Lanyard stretches to 36" and returns to a coiled 10". If you're looking for a high quality lanyard to use while fishing, a Toit Tether Lanyard is a terrific option. They are well built and will last a long time. Use it on a boat or on the beach. Buy one and go catch some fish!

Toit Tether Lanyards are blue. They are designed in the UK.

Models: TTL


Color - Blue

Size - 36"