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Tsunami Rolling T Swivel With Glow Beads

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A Tsunami Rolling T Swivel With Glow Beads will help keep your fishing rigs tangle free. Constructed of stainless steel, the Rolling T features 360 degree rotation on the center swivel to make tangles a thing of the past. The glow in the dark beads add something extra to your rig. Fish these swivels when bottom fishing or casting. Whether you use these 3-way swivels on a boat or in the surf, you're rigs will be neater and have less tangles. 

Tsunami Rolling T Swivels With Glow Beads are available in four sizes. They come 5-10 to a package.

Models: TSRTS6-10, TSRTS4-10, TSRTS2-10, TSRTS1/0-5


Size - 6

Lb Test - 35 lb

Pieces - 10