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Boat Casting Rods

Tsunami Trophy Boat Casting Rods

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Tsunami Trophy Boat Casting Rods are one tough cookie – built from Tsunami’s proprietary composite of unidirectional graphite blended with high modulus graphite making for a lightweight rod, yet one you can bang around the boat without fear of damaging your blank. The Trophy Boat Casting series come with tough aluminum gimbals, ready to hook up to your stand up belt for serious action. The EVA grips that come standard on the Trophy series are extremely lightweight and sticky especially when wet, ensuring a firm grip during the fight.

Tsunami Trophy Boat Casting Rods also come with hardcore stainless steel framed titanium oxide guides, specially designed for toughness under duress. One glance at these rods, and you’d think they’re really heavy, but once you pick one up you’ll be pleasantly surprised at their mobility. These rods are perfect for heavy bottom fishing, trolling (the wire line rods come with tungsten carbide guides specially designed for wire and Monel), jigging and kite fishing. They are available in 6’6” and 7’ sizes in a variety of strengths and actions. 

Models: TSTBC-661M, TSTBC-661MH, TSTBC-661H, TSTBC-701MH, TSTBC-701H, TSTBC-701XH