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Van Staal X-SERIES PowerGrip Drag Knobs

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Van Staal X-SERIES PowerGrip Drag Knobs are made to fit Van Staal X-SERIES Spinning Reels. This is a brand new drag knob design that makes changing the drag on your reel easier, more comfortable and delivers more drag. This style drag knob gives you more leverage and this increases drag pressure due to the wing design. If you fish a VS X-SERIES reel, swap out your drag knob for a PowerGrip. They are new for 2020 and will get the job done. Buy one and go catch some striped bass!

Van Staal X-SERIES PowerGrip Drag Knobs come in two sizes. The smaller one fits the 100 and 150 X-SERIES reels and the larger size fits the 200, 250 and 275 X-SERIES reels. Make sure you choose the correct one for the Van Staal reel you have. These drag knobs are not compatible with the older reels. It only fits the X-SERIES.

Models: VS41006-01, VS41006-02, VBQ332-10, VBQ332-11