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Wolverine Split Rings Set

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  • Strong , Made in the USA

    By Frank Scott on 2/25/2018

    Great way to start your up grade of the lures you buy . we all know that in order for lure company's to keep cost down is to put lower quality rings and hooks on today's lures

Wolverine Split Rings are the finest split rings in the world! The superior three coil design and special heat-treating process make them far stronger than any rings available. Don't take chances loosing that lunker of a lifetime due to split ring failure. Wolverine wants you to "Super Ring" your lures!

The Wolverine Split Ring Set includes 100 split rings from sizes 3-7 in a reusable plastic container.


Size - 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

Lb Test - 90 lb-270 lb

Pieces - 100