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Wolverine Split Rings

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  • Great Product

    By Frank Scott on 2/25/2018

    Amazing Pull Strength for such a small Size

Wolverine Split Rings: Unleash Unmatched Strength and Reliability

Elevate Your Angling Game: Introducing the unparalleled Wolverine Split Rings, meticulously engineered for the avid angler who refuses to compromise on quality. These rings aren't just accessories; they're a game-changer in your fishing arsenal.

Revolutionary Design: Experience the cutting-edge three-coil design, setting a new standard in the world of fishing. This unique structure offers exceptional durability and resilience, ensuring your lures stay securely fastened, no matter the challenge.

Unrivaled Strength: Crafted through an exclusive heat-treating process, these split rings boast extraordinary strength. Their ability to handle varying weights, ranging from 90 to 280 lbs, speaks to their versatility and robustness. Whether you're wrestling a spirited bass or a defiant saltwater giant, trust Wolverine to hold firm.

Sizes for Every Scenario: Available in sizes #3 to #9, each designed for specific weight capacities, Wolverine Split Rings cater to a diverse range of fishing needs. Select the perfect fit for your lures and target species, ensuring optimal performance.

Prevent Loss, Guarantee Success: Engineered to prevent the heartache of losing your catch due to ring failure, these split rings are a testament to reliability. When the moment of truth arrives, Wolverine stands strong, providing the confidence you need to land that trophy fish.

Price That Ensures Value: Priced at an affordable $5.99, Wolverine Split Rings are an investment in your fishing success. High quality doesn't always have to mean high cost.

Ready for Action: In stock and eagerly waiting to join your fishing journeys. Add Wolverine Split Rings to your gear and experience the difference that true quality can make.

"Super Ring" Your Lures: Don't just tie your lures; super ring them. Make the switch to Wolverine Split Rings and redefine the strength and reliability of your fishing equipment.

Models: #3, #4, #5, #6, 7, #8, #9


Size - 3

Lb Test - 90 lb

Pieces - 15