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Megabass I-Loud Prop Bait

Megabass I-Loud Prop Bait


Tater Hog Buzz Hog Prop Bait

Tater Hog Buzz Hog Prop Bait


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Prop baits you buy online are “top water” or “surface” lures, meaning the bait stays on the surface of the water as it is reeled in. Prop baits are designed to generate a lot of sound vibrations which catches the attention of fish on the prowl for food. That’s why they are called “prop” baits – they have a little propeller or other device at the end of the tail that spins or causes the tail to move from side to side.  They are set with multiple hooks as well, which increases the chances that the fish will be well-and-truly caught once it “hits” the lure. If you’re after freshwater bass, this is the lure for you.

Prop baits for sale at J & H include Megabass and Tater Hogg. These manufacturers know a thing or two about creating lures to catch freshwater bass!  Both Megabass and Tater Hogg lures are 4 inches in length and weigh just an ounce, and are of course used with spinning rods.

Prop baits prices are excellent – you get real value for money.  Prop baits will come in different colors, one of which is bound to attract the eye of a freshwater bass if all the sound and vibration produced by the lure doesn’t do the job first. Prop baits are designed to look just like prey fish, and are as realistic as they come.

Prop baits cheap? They certainly are inexpensive here at J & H, so it won’t break your budget to stock up on these essential lures if you’re fishing for freshwater bass.

We mentioned that the prop baits you buy online have little propellers. The blades on these little propellers also attract attention, and during the summer when freshwater bass are somewhat sluggish these are particularly effective.

Prop baits prices are about standard for lures of this size, and they are ideal for catching large, trophy-size bass. There is a technique to using prop baits, however, so you’ll have to do some practice to judge how to best “twitch” your lure to get the reaction you want.

Prop baits for sale create motion and they also create sound. That is why they are also called poppers. Everything about a prop bait lure is designed to attract the attention of bass, not only hungry bass but also bass that are just curious to see what that flashing silver is all about.

Prop baits prices reflect the care that is put into the design and manufacture of these little gems. If freshwater bass is your fish of choice, these prop baits will be your go-to lure all the time. Monofilament line is essential for prop baits, by the way.