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Prop Baits for Fishing

Prop baits are a unique type of topwater fishing lure, specifically designed to create surface disturbance and noise to attract predatory fish. These lures are named for their propeller-like blades, or 'props', located at one or both ends of the lure body.

When retrieved, the spinning action of the props churns the water, mimicking the splashing and vibrations of small prey animals in distress, such as injured fish or struggling insects. This commotion on the water's surface is highly effective in drawing attention and provoking aggressive strikes from species like bass, pike, and muskie, especially in calm or slightly choppy water conditions.

Prop baits come in various sizes, shapes, and colors, allowing anglers to match the lure to the specific conditions and target species. They are often equipped with one or more treble hooks to ensure a secure catch once a fish strikes.

The retrieval technique for prop baits can vary – from a steady retrieve to a more erratic 'stop-and-go' motion – giving anglers the ability to experiment with different speeds and rhythms to trigger strikes. This versatility, combined with their ability to produce visible and audible cues on the water surface, makes prop baits a popular and exciting choice for topwater fishing enthusiasts.

Their effectiveness in attracting fish from a distance and providing thrilling surface action makes prop baits an essential lure for anglers targeting aggressive, surface-feeding fish.

Megabass I-Loud Prop Bait

Megabass I-Loud Prop Bait


Tater Hog Buzz Hog Prop Bait

Tater Hog Buzz Hog Prop Bait


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