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9er's Lures 6 Arm Tube or Shad Umbrella Rig

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So you want to troll for big striped bass? For over fifteen years anglers have been having a lot of success fishing 9er's 6 Arm Umbrella Rigs. There aren't very many choices when it comes to high quality umbrella rigs but 9er's delivers every time! These effective umbrella rigs come with tubes and spinning blades or all shads. Both versions have a long track record of hooking big stripers!  These umbrella rigs are built on a 6 arm 32" bent bar. On the Tube bar there are seven blades and seven rigged tubes. The Shad version has seven unrigged shad at the front and seven rigged shad at the back. Each version has a rigged center stinger on a leader. The quality of these umbrella rigs is second to none. If you enjoy trolling then you have to try a 9er's 6 Arm Umbrella Rig. You'll be surprised by how well they get the job done. 

9er's Six Arm Umbrella Rigs come in a nice tube for easy storage. Made in the USA!

Models: 9ERS-6-TB, 9ERS-6-SH


Color - Black