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Wake Baits

ATTIC Annie 175 WB Wakebait

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ATTIC is one of the most sought after handmade brands in Japan. The ATTIC Annie 175 WB Wakebait is an innovative bait that will deliver amazing results. Constructed of a jointed urethane foam body, this bait will wobble and roll on the top of the water or just under depending on retrieval speed. When working it on the surface, it moves a lot of water like a good topwater lure should. This is a very unique lure and will help you catch more freshwater bass. Fish a ATTIC Annie 175 WB Wakebait from a boat or the shore.

ATTIC Annie 175 WB Wakebaits are 6 3/4" in length and weigh 1.6 ozs. Choose from six awesome colors. Natural Gill, Natural Pearl Shad, Pink Clown, Night Glamour, Rainbow Trout and Smelt.

Models: ANNIE175WB


Color - Natural Gill

Length - 6.8

Weight (oz) - 1.6

Type - Floating

Hook Size - #2