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Bass Assassin Shad Assassin

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Bass Assassin Shads are extremely effective at catching striped bass! These durable soft plastic baits imitate a baitfish and have natural movement through the water. There are several ways to fish them. Most guys rig them up with a jig head and either cast them out and swim them, or jig them through the water. However you fish them, they will get results. Anglers have been catching big striped bass with Bass Assassins for over a decade! They are proven to catch fish!

Bass Assassin Shads are available in 5" and 7". They come in several colors with alewife (white) and albino shad (purple/white) being the two most popular.

Models: SA10330, SA10108, SA14108, SA14330, SA14118, SA14385


Color - Albino Shad

Size (in.) - 5"

Pieces - 8

Hook - None