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Soft Plastics

Berkley Gulp! Nemesis

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Berkley Gulp! Nemesis have been gaining in popularity because they catch fish! They are designed to be lifelike in the water. Berkley Gulp! Nemesis are saturated with Gulp! fish attractant that when dispersed in the water causes fish to feed. They are irresistible to nearby fish and will produce more strikes than using non-Gulp! baits. Berkley Gulp! Nemesis are designed to be fished in saltwater and are effective on a wide variety of inshore fish. Take a bag on your next fishing trip. Fish them on a jig head or as a trailer on a bucktail. 

Berkley Gulp! Nemesis are available in 6.5" models. They come in four great colors including chartreuse, nuclear chicken, pearl white and pink shine. Made in USA!

Models: GSNMS6.5


Color - Chartreuse

Size (in.) - 6.5

Pieces - 5

Hook - None