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Soft Plastics

Berkley Gulp! Alive Jerk Shad

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Berkley Gulp! Alive Jerk Shad will help you catch more fish! Now the Gulp! bait that you love is available in larger packaging with more Gulp! juice for recharging your baits! Berkley Gulp! Alive Jerk Shad soft baits are extremely lifelike in appearance and how they move through the water. They are coated in Gulp! fish attractant which fish find irresistible. Fish will feed on these baits even when they are not hungry! It is best to fish these baits slowly to allow the fish attractant to seep into the water. Berkley Gulp! Alive Jerk Shad are perfect for fishing in saltwater.

Berkley Gulp! Alive Jerk Shads are biodegradable. They are available in 5" and 7" in several colors. Made in the USA!

Models: GAOJS5, GAOJS7