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Berkley Havoc Pitt Boss

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Berkley Havoc Pitt Boss creature baits are both versatile and effective. These baits were designed by pro angler Skeet Reese and Berkley's team of engineers to be an amazing flipping bait, but it turns out they have multiple uses. Fish them weightless, Texas rigged or as a trailer on a jig. You can even buzz them across the surface and fish will come up through the weeds and crush them! They do a great job of imitating a crawfish and other bait fish. The ribs on the bottom displace a lot of water and the flappers in the back have a fluttering movement that is attractive to nearby fish! Use Berkley Havoc Pitt Boss baits to catch bass, pickerel and other freshwater species. 

Berkley Havoc Pitt Boss baits are available in 4" in three colors. Choose from black-blue, and green pumpkin and watermelon orange fleck. They all work great!



Color - Black-Blue

Size (in.) - 4"

Pieces - 8

Hook - No