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Berkley X9 Braid

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Berkley X9 Braid is the next evolution of braided lines from a company that has been doing it a very long time. Constructed of 100% PE fibers, X9 adds a ninth strand to the popular eight weave, making is smoother, stronger and a better overall product. X9 is very smooth, quiet through the guides and abrasion resistant. John Skinner fishes it because its thin profile produces less drag in the water and allows him to get his bucktail to the bottom quicker and with less weight. This is a huge advantage that a lot of bottom fishing anglers miss out on. Whether you're jigging in shallow water or casting for fish on the surface, fill your next reel with Berkley X9 Braid.

Berkley X9 Braid is available in Crystal. We sell it in 165 yard spools in 10, 15 and 20 lb tests. Made in the USA!

Models: X9BFS10-CY, X9BFS15-CY, X9BFS20-CY


Color - Crystal

Lb Test - 10

Diameter (in.) - .005

Approximate Mono Equivalent (lb) - 4

Length (yds) - 165