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BKK SF Reefmaster HG Hooks

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BKK SF Reefmaster HG Assist Hooks need to be on your jigs when targeting big fish on the reef. These super sharp hooks feature hand ground tips, a welded micro ring that is very strong and a bright tin coating for corrosion resistance. They are dressed with hackle and other natural fibers which give great presentation in the water. BKK went that extra mile by using glow in the dark thread to catch the eye of hungry predators who are in deep water. Finish it off with a braided assist that is soft yet extremely strong and you've got a really amazing assist hook. We recommend swapping out the hooks that come with your jigs for a BKK SF Reefmaster HG Assist Hook if you are doing fast vertical jigging for amberjack, tuna or other strong fish! They are going to be of a higher quality and increase your chances of hooking up due to sharpness and presentation.

BKK SF Reefmaster HG Hooks are available from 1/0-11/0. They are dressed white with blue. So awesome!

Models: A-EJ-8750, A-EJ-8751, A-EJ-8752, A-EJ-8753, A-EJ-8754, A-EJ-8756, A-EJ-8758, A-EJ-8760


Hook Size - 1/0

Style - Reefmaster

Pieces - 4

Hook Color - Bright Tin