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BKK Hybrid Heavy Circle SS Hooks

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BKK Hybrid Heavy Circle SS Hooks are absolutely amazing! If you've never fished a BKK hook you are in for a treat. These hooks are strong and really sharp! BKK Hybrid Heavy Circle SS Hooks are constructed of high-carbon steel with BKK's Super Slide coating which leads to more hook ups. These beefy inline hooks feature an eye that is up-turned at 45 degrees making them incredibly easy to snell. This is a great all around hook for bait fishing, live bait fishing and of course when targeting striped bass. If you like high quality fishing hooks, a BKK Hybrid Heavy Circle SS Hook has to be at the end of your line. These saltwater hooks will deliver on the performance you want! 

BKK Hybrid Heavy Circle SS Hooks are available in a wide range of sizes for #6-10/0. They are black. Buy a pack today! 

Models: A-BR-2010, A-BR-2011, A-BR-2012, A-BR-2013, A-BR-2014, A-BR-2015, A-BR-2016, A-BR-2017, A-BR-2018, A-BR-2019, A-BR-2020, A-BR-2021, A-BR-2022, A-BR-2023