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BKK Sea Ranger+ Assist Hooks

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BKK Sea Ranger+ Assist Hooks are beautiful! Over the years we have seen a lot of assist hooks but these from BKK deliver on both looks and performance. They start with a heavy gauge hi-carbon steel hook that is super strong and razor sharp. They use a tin coating to increase corrosion resistance. The BKK solid core assist cord is supple and will move naturally with your jig. They are finished with natural fish skin and glowing fibers that not only mask the hook but add something extra to your bait's presentation. If you fish the ocean for anything from sea bass to tuna, adding a BKK Sea Ranger+ Assist Hook to your jig is a good decision. The quality is terrific!

BKK Sea Ranger+ Assist Hooks are available in M-3XL sizes. They come two hooks to a pack.

Models: A-EJ-8022, A-EJ-8023, A-EJ-8024, A-EJ-8025, A-EJ-8026


Hook Size - M

Style - Sea Ranger+

Pieces - 2

Hook Color - Bright Tin