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BKK Viper-41 Treble Hooks

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So you're looking to replace the trebles on your lures? BKK has got you covered with the BKK Viper-41 Treble Hooks! These 4X strong hooks are super sharp. BKK worked hard to reduce their weight to reduce impact on the swimming action of your plug while still delivering great penetration and strength. BKK Viper-41 Treble Hooks have a specific bend to them to increase hookup rates and reduce fish throwing the hook. For extra corrosion resistance they have been coated in bright tin. If you love fishing lures in saltwater, try swapping out your hooks for BKK Viper-41 Treble Hooks. They will take the lure's performance to the next level!

BKK Viper-41 Treble Hooks are available in sizes #6-6/0. This is a wide range so use them on freshwater and saltwater lures. They are really nice!

Models: A-ET-6782, A-ET-6783, A-ET-6784, A-ET-6785, A-ET-6786, A-ET-6787, A-ET-6788, A-ET-6789, A-ET-6790, A-ET-6791, A-ET-6792, A-ET-6793


Hook Size - 6

Style - Viper-41

Pieces - 8

Hook Color - Bright Tin