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Trolling Lures

Blue Water Candy Loaded Tandem Parachute Rig

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It’s no secret that trolling has become the most deadly effective method in pursuing trophy cow sized bass – however tedious and mundane it may be. Blue Water Candy has thrown their hat in the trolling ring with the wildly popular tandem Mojo rigs, comprised of two heavy jig heads, rigged parachute style, complete with giant 8” rubber shad bodies. These particular lures are a bit more convenient than your traditional umbrella rig or bunker spoon in that you don’t absolutely need a dedicated wire line trolling setup to effectively pull these suckers. The heavy jig-heads provide enough downward force to pull your offering down into the strike zone. You can definitely still run these on wire line outfits with equal effectiveness, but it’ll save you some time and money just using your standard heavy duty striper rod and reel. The rigs are heartily constructed using tuna-caliber hardware and mono, leaving you to only worry about which buddy to brag to. Unlike a standard parachute rig that requires hours of shoulder-wrenching jigging, just set your offering back and pull it like an umbrella rig – and be ready to hear that reel scream!

Blue Water Candy Loaded Tandem Parachute Rigs are available in 8 oz x 4 oz and 12 oz x 8 oz configurations in chartreuse and white. They are rigged with 100 lb mono. Put one on the end of your line and go catch some big stripers! Made in USA.

Models: 8 oz x 4 oz, 12 oz x 8 oz


Color - Chartreuse

Weight (oz) - 8 oz. x 4

Type - Trolling Lure

Range (ft) - Unlimited