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Trolling Lures

Bomber CD30 Certified Depth Trolling Lures

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Bomber Certified Depth Trolling Lures are a must on your next offshore trip! These lures dive down up to 30 feet and was the most effective tuna lure of 2015 in the Northeast! Constructed of a strong, puncture-resistant body with thru-wire construction and two heavy-duty treble hooks, the CD is deadly for tuna and wahoo! You can also troll these for bass. Put it three feet off the back of an umbrella rig without wire line. Get yourself a Bomber Certified Depth Trolling Lure for your next offshore fishing adventure!

Bomber Certified Depth Trolling Lures are available in several colors. They have a trolling depth of 30'.

Models: BSWCD30400, BSWCD30DRO, BSWCD30413, BSWCD30326, BSWCD30XBON, BSWCD30HP, BSWCD30305, BSWCD30330