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Bull Shad Bull Rat

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Bull Shad Bull Rat is an amazing bait! The action on the Bull Rat is just crazy. Watch is swim through the water and you'll think it's real! It can easily go over wood and other debris, just like a real rat! The Bull Shad Bull Rat is constructed of wood and is extremely durable. It has two joints and a soft plastic tail that gives it incredible action in the water. It's outfitted with two super sharp Mustad treble hooks. Fish the Bull Rat with different retrieves and it will exhibit different action. Buy a Bull Shad Bull Rat and try it on your next fishing trip. It's going to get crushed by a big largemouth! It's a fish magnet! If you're serious about catching big freshwater fish, tie one of these to the end of your line. You'll out fish your friends!

Bull Shad Bull Rat is 4 3/4" in length (not including the tail) and weighs 2.2 ozs. You're going to get a lot of distance throwing this floating bait. Choose from grey, pink and tan colors. They are Slow Sink. Made in America.

Models: BR


Color - Pink

Length - 4 3/5"

Weight (oz) - 2.2

Type - Slow Sinking