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Carlson Ultimate Trolling Birds

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Another innovation from the Don over at Carlson comes the Carlson Ultimate Trolling Bird. Used as both a straight teaser and a lead for a Joe Shute rigged ballyhoo, the Carlson Ultimate Birds are responsible for a plethora of tuna kills across the Northeast. The balanced aluminum “wings” on the bird provide excellent stability and a tight wobble that’ll create chaos at the top of the column. These birds are through wired with incredibly thick gauged wire (if you can even call it wire), and attached to the AFW 350# Ball Bearing Snap Swivel via 335# Wolverine Split Ring. Carlson Ultimate Trolling Birds are available in a variety of tuna-producing colors, and are a lethal addition to any captain’s offshore arsenal.

Carlson Ultimate Trolling Birds are 12" in length. Choose from seven great colors.

Models: UCB


Color - Dorado

Size - 12"

Gender - Male