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Charlie Graves Swimming Tins

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Charlie Graves Swimming Tins are a great surfcasting lure! These tins have been around forever and anglers continue to use them because they are extremely effective! Charlie Graves Swimming Tins are constructed of block tin with a chrome finish. They use a strong stainless steel split ring to attach a single hook w/ feathers to the back of the lure. Charlie Graves Swimming Tins have a built-in keel so instead of flipping and rolling, they actually swim and do a great job of imitating a baitfish. Their shiny exterior reflects a lot of light and the motion of the feathers makes hungry fish strike. If you are fishing from the beach and want to catch more fish, tie a Charlie Graves Swimming Tin to your line and see what happens. They are very castable.

Charlie Graves Swimming Tins come in several shapes and sizes. Choose the one that best resembles the bait in the water

Models: J-5, J-7, 8-M, Butterfish, Peanut Bunker, Bunker, Herring, D-5


Color - Chrome

Length - 3"

Weight (oz) - 1 1/2

Type - Metal Lure

Range (ft) - Unlimited