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Hard Baits

Cotton Cordell Pencil Popper

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Cotton Cordell Pencil Poppers have been a round for a long time! They are a tried and true lure that continue to catch fish season after season. Cotton Cordell Pencil Poppers are constructed of durable plastic and feature a weights tail for extra casting distance, a concave mouth that pushes a lot of water, an internal rattling chamber and 3D painted eyes. You can walk the dog or pop them erratically to draw in hungry striped bass and other species. When the fish aren't biting, it's good to try a Cotton Cordell Pencil Popper as they tend to hook up when other lures won't work. Put one in your surf bag and you are good to go!

Cotton Cordell Pencil Poppers are available in two sizes and four great colors. The 6" models weighs 1 oz and the 7" model weighs 2 oz. Both models float.

Models: C66, C67


Color - Bone

Length - 7"

Weight (oz) - 2

Type - Floating

Hook Size - 3/0