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Cotton Cordell Red Fin

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  • Excellent lure, in the right conditions.

    By Galen Donovan on 10/23/2018

    The Redfin is a true classic and an absolute must in anyone's surfbag. It has pulled some beautiful stripers for me when everything else I had in my bag wouldn't even get a sniff. My best success has come using it as a wake-bait, retrieving it just fast enough to get it to wiggle on the surface, creating a v-wake that bass just can't resist. But if you're dealing with a stiff onshore wind you may as well forget it at home because you will not get it past your rod tip. In the right conditions it's one of the best things you can throw when you're trying to score a good fish. Just don't try casting it into a headwind. ;)

Got any Red Fins? That's the call of an angler looking for one of the classics, a Cotton Cordell Red Fin. This minnow shaped plug is responsible for landing countless fish, including large striped bass. Here in the Northeast, guys love throwing these from the beach for cow stripers. The Red Fin is constructed of durable hard plastic and features two 3/0 treble hooks and split rings. These floating lures feature a large lip that allows them to swim down to 1' depending on the retrieve rate. Cotton Cordell Red Fins can be fished in several styles. You can twitch them, jerk them or just retrieve them straight. They also work well as a wake bait. Add a Cotton Cordell Red Fin to your surf bag. You'll be glad you did!

Cotton Cordell Red Fins are 7" long and weigh 1 oz. They are available in Bone, Chrome/Black Back, Mother of Pearl, Pearl/Yellow and Purple /Black Back. They all work!

Models: C1004


Color - Bone

Length - 7"

Weight (oz) - 1

Type - Floating

Hook Size - 3/0